Stories With Traction

Getting Stuff Done!

June 02, 2023 Matt Zaun Season 1 Episode 73
Stories With Traction
Getting Stuff Done!
Show Notes


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All of that is possible through the power of Strategic Storytelling!

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PODCAST EPISODE SUMMARY: In this episode Andrea Jones and Matt Zaun talk about the dynamics of change, and how companies can get more done.

ANDREA JONES BIO: Andrea runs Andrea Jones Consulting (AJC), which helps organizations efficiently accomplish impactful projects and change. The AJC team has experienced consultants who focus on Process Improvement, Project Management and Change Management.

For more info, check out Andrea here:

MATT ZAUN BIO: Matt is an award-winning speaker and storyteller who empowers organizations to attract more clients through the art of strategic storytelling. Matt’s past engagements have catalyzed radical sales increases for over 300 organizations that range from financial institutions to the health and wellness industry.

Matt shares his expertise in persuasion with executives, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs, who he coaches on the art of influence and how to leverage this for profits and impact.

For more info, check out Matt Zaun HERE.